The Extra Mile

“The Extra Mile” is a one-minute segment on the Atlanta Business Chronicle BIZ show on WXIA/11 Alive which highlights one goBeyondProfit member every week. These aim to inspire and educate viewers by showcasing resourceful ways companies execute outreach that strengthens their community and their business. All members are invited to submit their story for consideration, free of any costs.

Would you like to share your company’s story in an upcoming BIZ segment? If so, please contact Megan McCamey, and submit a copy of this form.

Extra Mile – 11Alive John Deushane

At WXIA-TV 11Alive, employees are given the option to volunteer at the charity of their choice and give back to their community. For more ideas and insights, watch John Deushane of 11Alive in this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ on 11Alive “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Rural Sourcing

Rural Sourcing invites students to engage with their company and learn about the tech industry. Watch Monty Hamilton tell how his employees chose to give back in this week’s WXIA-TV 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Crown & Caliber

For every pre-owned luxury watch they sell, Crown & Caliber makes a donation to MAP International, providing more than 30,493 life-saving antibiotics to children in need so far. Watch Hamilton Powell explain how at their company “the thing that measures time is also making their time more meaningful” on this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ on 11Alive “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Mission MightyMe

A business that sees itself as a force for good embraces exceptional products & educational awareness to benefit customers. Hear JJ Jaxon of Mission MightyMe explain how the company educates with products that utilize latest research to help prevent future food allergies. Watch this week’s new Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ on 11Alive “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – IHG

Intercontinental Hotels Group takes pride in being active in their communities. IHG Academy is an extension of what they do best – offering the next generation an introduction to and training in the hospitality industry. Hear from Raymond Co about putting the culture of teaching & serving into practice on the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ on 11Alive “Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Media Global Frenzy

“There’s something you have within your company that others need.” Hear Katie Kern talk about how pro bono work fuels the team at Media Global Frenzy on this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ on 11Alive “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Jackson Healthcare

Jackson Healthcare is in the business of making sure people have access to healthcare, which they extend into their community outreach. Their LoveLifts program is focused on providing access to care and uplifting at-risk children in our communities. Hear President Shane Jackson on WXIA-TV 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead

When dealing with vandalism on a new car lot years ago, Juanita Baranco solved it by building a relationship with the students at the local high school. Donating money, time and workforce training made the community stronger… and stopped the vandalism! See Juanita Baranco of Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead on this week’s member feature on Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ on 11Alive “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Bennett Thrasher

Inspired by a single employee, Bennett Thrasher created a company-wide initiative to improve wellness for its entire staff. Take a moment to watch this week’s goBeyondProfit member feature on WXIA-TV 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile.”

Extra Mile – Kaiser Permanente

The Southeast Permanente Medical Group physicians volunteer to help people gain access to healthcare, collaborating with the Kaiser Permanente organization to bring mobile vans into communities. Listen in on this week’s Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ on 11Alive “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Jackson & Coker

Wisdom, growth, and others first. Jackson & Coker’s core values have led to their decades of involvement in providing Christmas presents for children. This wonderful, employee driven initiative has inspired many to give throughout the year and become more involved in their community. Take a moment to listen to their story on this week’s 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ Extra Mile.

Extra Mile – Chick-fil-A

Love more children! Rodney Bullard shares how Chick-fil-A Foundation was started to ensure every child grows up to be everything they can be. Hear him share the importance of business investing back in the community on our WXIA-TV 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile”

Extra Mile – Compliance Point

CompliancePoint knows that employees thrive when they are helping others. That’s why they’ve partnered with Rainbow Village to reduce poverty across the Metro area. See corporate generosity in action on this week’s 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Colliers International

Colliers International Chairman and CEO Bob Mathews believes connecting with the community is critical for their commercial real estate services firm. The team puts their labor and their money (more than $1,100,000) where their mouth is! Watch this week’s goBeyondProfit member feature on Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ on 11Alive “The Extra Mile.”

Extra Mile – Choate Construction

Millard Choate, Chairman and CEO of Choate Construction Company, notices volunteerism promotes “the spirit within” and pumps up the staff in ways that are infectious and good for the entire organization. See him on this week’s goBeyondProfit member feature on 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile.”

Extra Mile – Snellings Walters Insurance Agency

Snellings Walters Insurance Agency has been volunteering with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Georgia Chapter since 2011 & has raised $1.8 million to Insure the Cure. See this week’s goBeyondProfit member feature on WXIA-TV 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile.”

Extra Mile – Shear Structural

Shear Structural is a rare, women-owned structural engineering firm that advocates for young women and minorities to enter the field. Malory Atkinson tells their story on this week’s goBeyondProfit member feature on WXIA-TV 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile.”

Extra Mile – Northwest Exterminating

Northwest Exterminating Co., Inc.’s “Good Deeds Team” helps Fair Oaks Elementary with bilingual literacy to better enable parents’ active participation in students’ education. Outreach increases pride among the company staff and reflects their heart to the community. See Stanford Phillips on this week’s member feature on WXIA-TV 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile”.

Extra Mile – Transwestern

Bruce Ford shares how Transwestern’s team members make sure they’re grounded, serving on things that are “really meeting a local need” like funding (52!) Make-A-Wish dreams and helping tutor kids to read.  See this week’s goBeyondProfit member feature on WXIA-11Alive “The Extra Mile.”

Extra Mile – Signify
Kristi Porter is a sole practitioner at Signify who believes that “even as one person, there’s so much you can do” including giving a spare hour to be involved in an initiative you’re passionate about. See Kristi on this week’s goBeyondProfit member feature on WXIA-TV 11Alive Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ “The Extra Mile.”
Extra Mile – Kilpatrick Townsend
KT IMPACT is Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP‘s program for all team members’ active citizenship. The local law firm is helping solve social needs in six emphasis areas — community leadership, diversity & inclusion, philanthropy, pro bono, sustainability and volunteerism. See Tamara Caldas on this week’s member feature in Wxia Tv-11 Alive “The Extra Mile.”
Extra Mile – KPMG

KPMG’s Family for Literacy program helps boost early childhood literacy, plus Milford McGuirt describes how they build with Georgia students –from middle school financial literacy to high school interns.

Extra Mile – Kabbage

Whether you are a start-up or an established company, Kabbage Co-Founder & President, Kathryn Petralia, shares how actively caring for the community empowers your people and ties all together for success.

Extra Mile – SignatureFD

SignatureFD believes generosity can lead to great impact. See generosity in action as they partner with Sackcloth & Ashes and Atlanta Mission to share their lives and their blankets.

Extra Mile – Hope-Beckham Inc.

Hope-Beckham partners well with the Covenant House to help homeless youth get back on their feet. “Doing good is your legacy. You’re not going be around forever – but what will be around is the results of the good that you have done.” – Bob Hope, President & Co-Founder

Extra Mile – GoodSteps

GoodSteps believes in the power of a purposeful purchase. Buy a great flip flop and 20% of each purchase fights hunger. 

Extra Mile – Spotlight Dental

A restored smile brings hope and inspiration – Spotlight Dental donates professional skills and partners well with local organizations to find those who need a new smile most.

Extra Mile – JE Dunn Construction

JE Dunn Construction – This 95-year-old company believes that sustained success must include more than profitability. That’s why 10% of profits and their employees invest back into the community.

Extra Mile – SIEMENS

SIEMENS brightens the future by empowering people through education and experiential training.

Extra Mile – Resurgens Orthopaedics

Resurgens Orthopaedics’ lives out their mission to get people moving – regardless of age or ability. Noticing a lack of playgrounds designed for children of varying abilities, Resurgens has built 20 all-accessible playgrounds with plans to build one per year going forward.

Extra Mile – Kids II

Kids II, a global brand committed here in Georgia to go beyond, meet community needs and ensure bright futures.

Extra Mile – Everywhere Agency

Everywhere Agency, an all-female social media and influencer marketing agency, lend their business talents to causes that empower women.

Extra Mile – Balentine

Only 4% of people born into poverty get out – Balentine wants to see that statistic change. Their corporate giving and volunteer efforts strategically focus on programs helping underprivileged and homeless youth beat the odds. 

Extra Mile – Innovative Supplies

Innovative Supplies owner, Nneka Brown, hires youth often labeled “at-risk”. She shares skills she’s learned through business and military service to provide on-the-job training and prepare them for future success.

Extra Mile – Turknett Leadership Group

Turknett Leadership Group donates time, talent & treasure to the causes their people care about most as well as supporting their employees to become leaders within these organizations. Aligning corporate giving with their employees’ interests makes for a great company culture of giving.

Extra Mile – a2b Fulfillment

a2b Fulfillment, Inc. shares that by partnering well with the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, together they provide students with a support system that helps them succeed in school today and helps them build important skills for future success.

Extra Mile – Artlite Office Supply Co

Artlite Office Supply’s deploys company resources to help Angel Flight provide life-changing medical support. Owner, Bert Light pilots’ missions, employees volunteer and the company donates needed supplies. Artlite and Angel Flight partnering together to meet urgent community needs.

Extra Mile – Jabian Consulting

Jabian Consulting contributes charitable dollars to  a STE(A)M truck that visits local schools to provide students with hands-on problem-solving, team work and communication to prepare them for future success.

Extra Mile – Silverton Mortgage

Silverton Mortgage‘s Foundation provides mortgage, rent and short-term housing payments to families with critically ill children undergoing medical treatment.  “You talk about business ROI… this kind of gives us an ROL – Return on Life.” – President & CEO, Josh Moffit


Extra Mile – North Highland

North Highland uses their consulting experience to bring housing, credit solutions and job training agencies together for a more holistic way to solve homelessness. “Giving a blanket to a homeless person makes you feel good, but they are still homeless the next day. Think about the community involvement that you get into and see if you can work your way back in the problem to prevent it.” -Dan Reardon, North Highland CEO

Extra Mile – Arke

Arke is developing a curriculum with Code/Out that teaches prisoners and juvenile delinquents programming. These organizations are helping to lower the number of repeat offenders by providing them with an in-demand job skill, therefore allowing them a sense of stability upon release. 

Extra Mile –

Leveraging business skills, unites medical specialists with abandoned and orphaned children all over the world through a charitable venture called Connecting Kids with Care. contributes the technology platform for telemedicine and medical records sharing to allow specialists in the US to consult globally. Learn more by watching the video.

Extra Mile – LogistiCare

Aligning Business with Cause: LogistiCare uses their business model to help dialysis patients get to and from appointments. They partnered with the National Kidney Foundation because they share a common connection: 25-30% of the 64 million trips LogistiCare provides annually are for people going to dialysis appointments. 

Extra Mile – Dentons

Dentons dedicates time and legal services to revitalize the historic Westside neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. Join companies using business skills to meet community needs. Learn more about Dentons revitalization project by watching the “Extra Mile” featured on WXIA-TV 11Alive.

Extra Mile – three

The “giving muscle” doesn’t happen without exercise. And serving your local community is just the sort of exercise that could define your company moving forward. To see this in action, watch three go the “Extra Mile” partnering with refugee communities in Georgia. Watch their Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ segment on WXIA-TV 11Alive.

Extra Mile – H.J. Russell & Company

H.J. Russell & Company goes the “Extra Mile” to celebrate and strengthen local communities . How you ask? The entire company takes part in hosting a “Rock the Block Party” jam-packed with entertainment as well as access to vital resources including employment, health and voter registration. Watch their Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ segment on WXIA-TV 11Alive here.

Extra Mile: Gas South

Gas South shows how plugging in deeper to a community’s underlying needs can help give back in a more meaningful way.

Extra Mile – Modo Modo Agency

Atlanta based Modo Modo Agency LLC hangs up their “out of office” sign quarterly to volunteer together in the community. Here’s to making positive social impact part of corporate culture! A great example of going the “Extra Mile” and giving back to the community where they work and live. Watch their Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ segment on WXIA-TV 11Alive here. Join Modo Modo and be in good company today:

Extra Mile – GreenPrint Corporation

Atlanta-based tech start-up GreenPrint Corporation offsets clients’ carbon emissions. Here’s to a business model with positive social impact! They go the “Extra Mile” by planting trees in local communities with their clients. Watch their Atlanta Business Chronicle’s BIZ segment on WXIA-TV 11Alive here. Join GreenPrint and be in good company today:

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