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Georgia Companies Discover New Importance in Giving Back

Summer is the time of year when much of the office staff is away as families go on vacation and kids are out of school. But more and more companies are also giving employees additional time off to contribute to others in the community, or give back, so they have a purpose of more than just earning a profit.

In Era Of Government Scarcity, Public-Private Partnerships Bridge Community Needs

Solving problems like poverty, or inequities in housing, education or healthcare, is an expensive undertaking, and the gap between what’s required and what’s actually available, especially from public resource pools, is dramatic and widening. With every passing day, the social and economic problems facing local communities grow steeper, even as governments’ capacity to functionally address them shrinks.

Home Depot co-founder: Profits are not the only measure of success

American businesses are giving and doing more than ever before, like the hundreds of companies that have pledged bonuses, raises, new or expanded benefits, or price reductions since December, when Congress retooled the federal tax code for the first time in 30 years. Read the full op-ed by Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus.

Bernie Marcus-endorsed initiative gets 200 Georgia businesses to give back

An initiative aimed at getting businesses leaders to give back to their communities, goBeyondProfit, reached a 200-pledge milestone April 9. Some of the 200 companies to take the pledge so far.

goBeyondProfit featured in Saporta Report

More than 200 Georgia companies have pledged to contribute resources to help meet community needs through the recently formed initiative, goBeyondProfit. For one Roswell company, their gift is helping to maintain Arlington National Cemetery.

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More than 200 companies recognized for their Pledge to goBeyondProfit and contribute corporate resources to meet community needs. 

Viewpoint: Let’s keep building Atlanta’s reputation as a generous city

As we ring in another new year, the holiday “giving season” that stretches from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is drawing to a close. It’s called the giving season for good reason: The annual outpouring of charitable donations from individuals and corporations nationwide during the 2016 holiday season totaled more than $390 billion, according to “Giving USA 2017: The Annual …Read More

Conversation with Bernie Marcus, Co-Founder, The Home Depot

Bernie Marcus answers questions for fellow business leaders: How did corporate philanthropy start at The Home Depot? How does corporate generosity help the bottom line? What’s the business value in it? How do you get the word out about the good that comes from the business community?

Coca-Cola CEO, Mayor Bottoms explain importance of Chick-fil-A to Westside

The eve before the opening of the new Chick-fil-A restaurant on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive was a night unlike any other in Atlanta’s history. The “haves” and the “have nots” huddled indoors and ate dinner in the warmth of a new Chick-fil-A restaurant on the Westside of downtown on Wednesday night braving below-freezing temperatures and ice-covered streets.

Chick-fil-A Opened on a Sunday and It’s a Brilliant Lesson for Any Business

There are certain companies that tend to outperform their competition year over year. They sell similar products or services, are in similar geographies, or they have similar online storefronts–but for some reason or another, they just keep crushing the competition.

Business leaders launch ‘goBeyondProfit’ to promote giving back

A new initiative by civic-minded business leaders is being launched Dec. 1 as a way to make corporate generosity more visible and encourage other companies to give back to communities.

Eric Tanenblatt: These Georgia Businesses Are Changing How We View Social Responsibility

The spirit of consumption that envelops our nation each year in the days that follow Thanksgiving was punctuated this year by something remarkable, something pointedly not about self-indulgence or flashy gadgets: a “global day of giving” that encouraged and celebrated altruism.


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